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What are good abdominal exercises for men?

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The horizontal leg lift is one of the most effective abdominal exercises for men. It particularly helps to develop your lower abs. To stretch your legs, you need to lie on a bed, bench, or floor, then raise and lower your relatively straight legs.

We can all keep in mind how it felt in order to be 25-year-olds strolling close to on beaches with the particular shirts off and without having a care. Weren’t all those the times?

But now, we’re more than 40, have a full-time job, full-time family, along with a full-time life.

That doesn’t usually convert to some full stand of abs.

Or will it?

If you just proceeded to go down memory lane next to me and then appeared down with disappointment in the 10+ pounds you needed like to lose about your middle, it’s period for any wake-up call.

It’s time in order to challenge your expectations plus hopes for the entire body.

Just due to the fact weight loss metabolize beer such as it’s water anymore WILL NOT mean which you cannot have a ripped entire body.

You may have lean, strong abdominal muscles when you’re 40, fifty, 60 and beyond.

And if a person make it through this particular article, that will fine detail all the best methods for effective ab workouts, I’ll explain to you the residing proof.

Before we dive in to the 5 best abdominal exercises for men more than 40, I want in order to remind you of the few (very important) points.

FIRST, in case you have a several extra pounds around your own waist at the instant, you will have in order to put in extra function to find out your own abs come in. It is because fat loss spot decrease can not work.

“ Spot reduction” is the idea that will you are able in order to target where on your own body you lose excess fat from.

Yet, it doesn’t work. The particular best way for males who need for dropping weight to see their own abs are available within is to also make to a weight reduction transformation program like all of us have developed.

SECOND, while I simply alerted you that ab muscles cannot break through the big layer fat, We did NOT just inform you to that specific all hope is dropped. Because abs are the muscle, and all muscle tissue can be strengthened whilst still underneath fat.

This means that will by simultaneously strengthening your own abs and losing excess weight, your abs WILL crack through and cause you to incredibly proud.

3 RD, as with all exercise regimens, you must possess the proper diet plus proper mindset prior in order to starting. Read more regarding those components, especially along with our free 1-day food plan.

Right now for the good stuff….


The lying lower-leg raise is one associated with the most effective stomach exercises for men. This specifically assists in building your lower abs.

Lying leg increases involve you lying upon a bed, bench or even floor and raising, after that lowering, your relatively straightened out legs. Sounds easy, perfect?

In purchase for you to enjoy the advantages of laying leg raises, you really need to master the particular shape.

Within lying leg raises, the particular form you have to worry regarding is with your pelvis. Focus on rolling your own pelvis under and up-wards to really engage your own lower abs.

For step-by-step instruction plus a video tutorial, understand more about lying lower-leg raises here.


The particular ab-wheel rollout is 1 of my top features. Because that doesn’t like playing along with gym equipment and operating their 6-pack muscles concurrently?

Essentially, ab-wheel rollouts are the actions of you starting within a tabletop position upon your knees after which “ rolling” the ab-wheel away in front of a person.

Again, the particular trickiness is within the particular form.

In order to ensure that you in order to do this effectively, you should tense your ab muscle groups the whole time. Within addition, do not allow your lower back drop at the furthest stage of your roll out there.

For step by step instruction and a movie tutorial, find out even more about ab wheel rollouts here.


The Swiss ball crunch will really give you a feeling of feeling the burn off in your core. This particular exercise also plays a role in the strong back and great posture, which is the foundation for solid abs work.

Within Swiss ball crunches, a person position your back upon an exercise ball therefore your butt is simply off of the golf ball. With your arms outstretched behind you and your own chin tucked, curl your own abs forward.

Outstretching your arms at the rear of your head is the key to Swiss basketball crunches because it provides extra tension to your own abs.

Crossing your arms more than your chest or putting your hands behind your own ears isn’t nearly because effective.

With regard to step-by-step instruction and the video tutorial, learn even more about Swiss ball crunches here.


The RKC plank stands for European Kettlebell Club, and this is the very greatest plank exercise you may do.

Coming from all heard people activities on how long these people can hold a planks.

But maintain in mind that, when you can hold the RKC plank for lengthier than no time, if you’re a champion.

In an RKC planks, you assume a planks position but push upon your forearms to produce a slight rounding within your upper back. After that, you tense your butt and quads as firmly as you can.

This type plus tension create a planks that engages your whole body. You’ll feel your own muscles shake, which indicates it’s working.

For step-by-step instruction plus a video tutorial, discover out more about RKC planks here.

Another variation of the particular plank is the part plank. This exercise concentrates on the obliques, which usually run down the external side of your stomach muscles.


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