What are 7 types of healthy food?

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At 7 a.m., these 7 foods are best for your heart (and your life). Oats, fruits and whole wheat toast, as well as phytosterols, are at 8:15 a.m. Apple at 10 a.m. Few almonds or 1 p.m. mixed. Bean soup and salad at 3 p.m. Chocolate bar: 7:30 p.m. Mix the salad with grilled fish, vegetables and wine at 10:30 p.m. Banana and a small glass of skim milk

Include these perfect foods in your day and stay healthy and active throughout your life.

A few years ago, a research team led by Dr. Oscar Franco, MD, from the Erasmus medical center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, sought to find the safest, most natural, and most delicious diet possible. to prevent heart disease. After analyzing the diets of thousands of men and women, Franco and his colleagues identified a few commonalities.

People who eat certain foods regularly live longer than those who do not. Franco's team then cross-checked these foods with the medical literature for independent research to demonstrate the effectiveness of the food. The result? The daily meal plan consists of a few very delicious foods: almonds, garlic, dark chocolate, wine, fruits and vegetables and four servings of fish per week.

"People can't give up eating this way," said RD Milton Stokes, head of clinical nutrition at North General Hospital in New York. For most medical professionals like Stokes And Franco's study is a starting point with MD Kats, MD, clinical professor of public health at the Yale School of Medicine and diet author. "Do you eat the same meal over and over again, or do you just pool a small amount of food in each possible combination?" Asked Katz. To stick to any type of diet, it must be appetizing and easy to follow. So we asked Stokes and Katz to help develop a plan to put Franco's work into action with other healthy foods.

"I eat every day," said Katz. "My contemporaries, however, have ignored the great potential of healthy eating and have spent their leisure time serving coronary heart disease, so I can still ride a bike for a long time" For more tips on eating, here 10 painless ways to improve your diet.

Oatmeal is rich in fiber and is a nutritious hygienic tissue that keeps your arteries clear of cholesterol and keeps your digestive tract running smoothly. It also helps to lose weight. Harvard researchers recently analyzed the diets of more than 87,000 men for eight years and found that people who ate one or two servings of whole grains a day ate 3.5 pounds less than those who ate only refined grains. Any set of exercise habits. Whether you choose slow-cooked oats or instant oats, you can fill the bowl with a few chopped almonds, a teaspoon or two ground flax seeds and as many berries as you'd like. If you are going to grill it will count as a second whole grain. Get some butter. "Products like Benecol and Smart Balance are rich in phytosterols, which compete with cholesterol in metabolism to further lower cholesterol," said Katz. In the morning, if you have more time, mix the grapefruit Add other fruits. Once daily can help lower LDL cholesterol by 11% and reduce arterial stenosis by 46%. Remember: oatmeal is just one of 25 foods men over the age of 25 should eat.

The apple, with a dose of polyphenols (the same cardioprotective compound found in red wine), contains a special fiber called pectin, a gelatinous substance that increases the feeling of satiety. Stokes suggests that to get the most pectin, eat the skin. Next, be sure to read 25 foods that will keep you young forever.

Nuts are like divisions of shares. They provide two sustainable energy flows, one from fiber and the other from protein. Adding seeds and fruit will only increase your capital gains. "Nuts and seeds provide unsaturated fats, including some omega-3s that reduce inflammation in the [arteries] and prevent the platelets from sticking together. Very few can keep you energized until lunch" said Katz. They also help the liver. Detox.

This meal is suitable for all situations. Customers having lunch in a fine brasserie? Choose fancy avatars, a Tuscan white bean soup with rosemary and kale, and add a salad of light-colored mixed vegetables, roasted nuts and caramelized onions. If you escape and enjoy a rare unique meal in your favorite restaurant, opt for a salad of peppers, spinach and vintage tomatoes with Italian dishes or a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. "These beans or lentils provide high quality protein and are free of saturated fat," says Katz. The salads are obvious, richer in fiber, more in vitamins and minerals. To make sure you get the most out of your salad, avoid fat-free seasonings. In a recent study from Iowa State University, researchers found that people who garnished salad with fat-free seasonings were unable to absorb carotenoids, which are linked to boosting immunity.

Be a good person. "Find a bar with a high cocoa content of 70% or more," said Stokes. "Not a good time for milk chocolate." More cocoa powder means more antioxidants can run your infusion state pumps. A 3.5-ounce bar reduces systolic blood pressure by 5.1 points and diastolic blood pressure by 1.8 points. According to the Polymeal study, this could reduce the overall risk of heart disease by 21%. "Be careful with chocolate because it provides a lot of calories," said Franco, suggesting a balance between indulgence and increased exercise. For more information on the huge benefits of cocoa, here's how to ration dark chocolate daily and how to save a famous author from a writer's book.

We recommend that you do not find this combination in the menus of most restaurants. You don't, and doing it at home is just as easy. "Start with a mixed vegetable salad and add the tomatoes, peppers and onions." "Next, marinate the grilled salmon in citrus juice, olive oil and garlic, and add the steamed or fried vegetables." Salmon has a strong flavor, so it can compete with red wine rich in antioxidants, although white is also very good. Part of the health benefit comes from the alcohol itself. Katz says "a small amount of ethanol" (5 ounces per day) "will increase HDL protective cholesterol and a natural blood thinning agent called tissue plasminogen activator [t-PA]. If you already salmon, so here's a very healthy 10 minute dinner with halibut.

If you have trouble falling asleep, this is the perfect combination. Melatonin is a natural sleep regulating hormone and is found in several foods, including two. In addition, according to Stokes, potassium (banana) and calcium (milk) can help lower blood pressure.

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