When does stress cause anger?

Have you ever thought about showing stress in anger? Many recognize that stress may be more prevalent than 15 years ago. Others point out that you can also increase anger (for example, anger, workplace violence). Difficulties can of course constitute various disadvantages. If you are angry, stress can exacerbate your anger.

Injuries are at the highest level during the operation. Healthy fatigue, anxiety, anxiety, tension and trauma (Eustress) are things we cannot do all day long and make us pay attention to relevant information throughout the day. The additional stress does not necessarily lead to irritability or depression. For those who may not have enough stress and anxiety in their physical life, they are often called "lazy" or "lacking in motivation". "

However, distress is a worrying stress and many people are irritable and often indignant. When this happens, IT stress can be heavy and no longer prompts. You can imagine | You can imagine} When there are several stressors, this situation is mostly left to

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